Illness on our dogs

Illness on our dogs

We belive that health is important in breeding.

We also see that it`s important to inform other breeders/dogowners about the sick dogs so that we all can work together to make our breeds as healthy as possible.

Kennel Curlycrest has nothing to hide and on this page we will inform you about our sick dogs and their pedigree.

We hope we can step up and motivate breeders all over to be open about problems on their dogs!

Illness/defects on our chinese cresteds

Owned dogs:

Trønderpia` s Del piero (Dennis) - PRA

I`skytrouble`S James Dean (Aiki) - Patella lux 0/1

Total Dreamgirl (Selma)- PLL AFFECTED, Primary Glaucoma and vitreusleaque

Legend`s Black Jack (Jack) Cataract ( at the age of 8) and irisatrophy

Trønderpia`s Her Highness " Kaisa" Cataract ( at the age of 9)

Selfbred dogs:


Curlycrest`s Hellbilly Heaven - Closed ear canal and patella lux 2/1, underbite

Curlycrest`s Chesnut Eyes- Closed ear canal, dry eye and patella Lux 0/2

Curlycrest`s Woman In Rags- Patella Lux 0/2

Curlycrest`s ICQ Baby- Patella lux 1/2

Curlycrest`s Final Country Song - Epilepsy

Curlycrest`s Casey Jones- epilepsy


Curlycrest`s Blue Skies- Blue eye

Curlycrest`s Helluva Heartache- umbilical hernia

Curlycrest`s Poetic Justice - wrong coated

Curlycrest`s Fardewell- Cataract ( at the age of 5)

Curlycrest`s Green Light of The Southern - Allergy

Curlycrest`s Blue Skies- EPILEPSY

Curlycrest`s Dixieland- EPILEPSY

Queens of A Stoneage-litter

Curlycrest`s No One Knows - allergy

Kurt Nilsen-litter

Curlycrest`s Never Easy- wrong coated

The last Chance litter

Parents: Taijan Dreamer Q-tip & Ermi`s Place Donahue

Curlycrest`s Save The Last Chance For Me- Patella grad 1 on right leg, 2 on left leg-

Brad Paisley-litter

Curlycrest`s Mr. Paisley- blue eye

In Loving Memory-litter

Curlycrest`s Without You - umbilical hernia